Converting Code v0.0.2

After slimming down our codebase for our project, we started to realize, that functionality still was not working in some areas. We were able to do a diff on the different versions of files that were the same, and discovered that some had additional functions, that were removed when a newer version was put in place, but these functions were not removed from the core application. This caused the necessity to create additional files, and include lines in the application.

We would see include lines such as:

<!--#include virtual="/v3/functions.asp"-->
<!--#include virtual="/v2/functions.asp"-->
<!--#include virtual="functions.asp"-->

All within the same exact file, but being called for the necessity of various functions. It started to make our heads hurt.

The solution to this conundrum was to create a centrally located functions file in a location like includes/functions.asp where we could then include one file, and as errors were thrown, we could pull the functions from the original 3 functions files, and fill in our new global file.

This allowed us to see what functionality was still being used, and trim off the fat, so to speak about what was not. After roughly 2 days of messing with the functions.asp file, we have a single global include that now has all the required functionality needed to operate the software. This means that we were able to remove the other files, saving a few MB of disk space. And if you are familiar with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, you know that these MB of disk space mean money.

Another git commit and a few messages related to what we did later, and we have a more streamlined application, that we can continue to add global functionality to in a single location.

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