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Converting Code v0.0.2 0

Converting Code v0.0.2

After slimming down our codebase for our project, we started to realize, that functionality still was not working in some areas. We were able to do a diff on the different versions of files...

Vend-Trak VMS v0.0.1 0

Vend-Trak VMS v0.0.1

Below is the complete change log related to the Vend-Trak VMS project. == v0.0.1 ==* Initial commit of original project source to repository.

Converting Code v0.0.1 0

Converting Code v0.0.1

When taking on a project, we have to be prepared for the unthinkable. Sometimes, this comes as unrealistic expectations, and other times, it comes as unexpected spaghetti westerns (code bases). They truly are like...